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Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Isabel Mares, "The Original Ecocide: How Genesis 1-4 Illuminate an Anthropocene Age" download here

  • Mamati King'Asia, "An African Religious Worldview and the Conservation of Natural Environmental Resources: A Case Study of the Sengwer in Embobut Forest in Kenya" download here

  • Nathan Empsall, "Furthering an Intercentric Environmental Ethic: Moving Beyond Anthropocentrism and Biocentrism to Focus on the Ecological and Spiritual Reality of Interconnection" download here

  • Aubrey Milatz, "Influences of Human Exceptionalism on Humans' Concern for and Perception of Nonhuman-Animals" download here

  • Kieran Campbell, "Review of Norman Wirzba's Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating" download here